Dancing Bear
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Bored with their husbands they find other male meat they can play with, and it comes from the naked male stripper, the dancing bear, who loves bachelorette parties.
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A group of male strippers has to handle these extremely horny and sex-starved ladies. They suck cock and request all kinds of dirty sex acts with the boys.
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The sorority girls from the local college got together and hired the Dancing bear as their stripper. It turns out he likes to have as much fun as they do.
Bridal Shower Party
It was supposed to be her bachelorette party for this bride to be but she had all the fun at her bridal shower, with a naked male stripper.
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These chicks didn't know the camera was on them in the corner of the club when they were caught cheating giving a naked male a blowjob.
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Things got way out of hand when the Dancing Bear showed up as these real amateur girls lined up to each give him a public blowjob at this wild party.
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It was one wild birthday party when the girls got together for some clothed female naked male fun. It was a trip to see this one naked male stripper getting blowjobs and handjobs from fully clothed amateur girls out with their girlfriends for their friends 21st birthday party celebration at the club.
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She agreed to meet the other girls in front of this secret looking building. The others already arrived and where laughing and joking about what they were going to do once inside. Some of the words she picked up indicated that the girls had something special in mind with the naked strippers.
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This babe had her first clothed female naked male experience two years ago when a girlfriend called her to meet up for a birthday party at a "special" strip club. She was unsure of whether she really wanted to join the other girls to go to a strip club because this would be her first time.
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She has always been a decent wife taking care of her husband. But lately her husband has not been giving her much attention and well sex has no non-existent for a while now. So hey, she thought, I could use some male attention especially from a good looking naked male stripper!
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